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Screen Printing Columbus Ohio

Your go-to screen printing company for corporate apparel, school events, family functions, giveaways, sporting events, and so much more!

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Local Threads is a family-owned business in Columbus, Ohio

With 25+ years of screen printing experience, we strive to give each customer the highest quality product, along with providing an excellent customer experience throughout the process. With all printing done in-house, we are able to provide fast turnaround times and scale to match your business or organization’s needs.

Custom t-shirt printing | promotional products | embroidery

More About Us
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Local Threads

What makes us different

In-house designers in Columbus, Ohio

In-house Graphics

With no artwork fee
Quick Turnaround Service

Quick Turnaround

Orders completed in house to meet your deadlines
Local to Columbus, Ohio

Local to Ohio

25 years of experience in Columbus
7 Color Printing

7 Color Printing

40% percent more color
Screen Printing

Screen Printing

We pride ourselves on high-quality printing with extremely close attention to detail to make sure every t-shirt that comes off our presses meets all of our strict standards.  To get the insider's guide into screen print click this link - Insiders Guide to Screen Printing in Columbus Ohio. OR get started by jumping over to our Design Studio.


Thousands of Happy Customers in Central Ohio

David Shilling
“These guys are great. I have been working with both Ryan and Scott at Local Threads for years. Ryan is very thorough, organized and always meets deadlines, no matter how tight.
Scott is a great designer / artistand is very patient and receptive to input.
I could not recommend these guys more.”
Chris Barron
“Great company... I have done business with many of these employees for over a decade... I have purchase at least once a year for events/charities and they never fail with finished product or deadlines...  I have given them ideas and the graphic team brings it to life with proof...if any adjustments need to be made they are on it... this group as a whole are top notch..!”
Nick Moser
“Great experience, very fast and friendly service! Definitely will continue to purchase more products from this company. Prices are very fair and the quality is better than most similar businesses.”
Brian Bauer
“Unbelievable customer service from
start to finish. They completed my order faster and less expensive than the competitors. I highly recommend Local Threads.”
Colin Sanders
“Great work and fast turnaround time.  Caleb and Scott are very helpful for creating my designs and processing my orders quickly. I highly recommend Local Threads to anyone looking for high quality custom apparel.”
Mitch Markle
“I was in need of some items created in a short, 5 day turnaround period.  Ryan and his team got it done in 4!! Everything turned out exactly as needed and was a great addition to our event!  Hit these guys up, you won't be disappointed!”
Brooke Rolfe
“Hands down best service and pricing in Columbus!  We have used Ryan and team for personal and business items.  Service is unmatched Service is unmatchedand Ryan is great to work with.  Check them out for all of you screen printing needs!”
Lynn Lopper
“Local Threads does quality work with quick turnaround. Customerservice is top notch. I will definitely work with them again.
Steve Price
“Because of Ryan, Scott, and the rest of the team at Local Threads, I just can't see using any other company. Not only is the quality of the products they produce amazing, but the customer service and attention to detail throughout the process is exceptional. ”

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much experience does Local Threads have in custom t shirt printing?

The secret to any company’s success is the experience of people doing the work.  

As an example, Tony and Chris work in our print shop and have over 50 years of screen printing experience between the two of them. Watching them work is like watching two masters. They’ve done it so long, they know how to do the perfect setup, apply the ink at the right angles, how much ink to use, and more.  

Recently we did a vintage t-shirt print and we printed the inside of the t-shirt. The guys flipped it around and drove the ink through the t-shirt from the inside out. When we flipped the t-shirt back out, it had a really unique vintage distress kind of look to it. It was mind-boggling. As the owner of Local Threads, I’ve been in the business for 16 years t-shirt printing, and had never seen anything like it before!  

So what IS screen printing?

Screen printing is the process of taking a logo, drawing, or other pieces of artwork and printing it onto shirts, jackets, really any apparel, or some other medium. This is done by putting your pattern onto a screen, and then squeezing ink through it so that your design comes through. The more screens your printer has, the more colors they can add to your artwork, and the better your piece will look. Some smaller printers can only print with 4 colors at a time, but the best results come from more colors. At Local Threads, we’re proud to offer 7 colors, plus white, for prints that stand out in a crowd. This allows us to give higher quality shirts to our customers than your typical printing company in Columbus, Ohio.

What is the process for getting my idea screen printed on a shirt?

At Local Threads, we start by having our in-house designers, right here in Columbus, Ohio, look at your artwork for any issues that need to be addressed before we get too far into the process. After that, we set up the screens to start printing! Depending on the number of colors involved, this can take 3 hours or more to get set up.  

Next comes our three-proof process. First, we print a sample shirt to make sure the printers are set up and aligned. Then we make sure that our graphic designers review it, and lastly, the owner of Local Threads gives the final sign-off before we start the project. We’re looking for both major and minor issues, from misaligned prints to just a corner that didn’t come through right.

Only then do we start printing on the final product.  We even have lasers on our printer to take measurements throughout the process and ensure that each shirt is made the same way, from the position of the shirt to the pressure that we use to apply the ink.

Are all screen printing shops pretty much the same?

Screen printers range from a one-man-show working out of their garage to a massive screen printing company. They can all put ink on a shirt, but the quality of the final product always comes down to the details.  A Larger printing company is able to have people on staff who monitor the details and focus on customer service. Also, consider their ability to service your piece with an artist’s eye. Many companies will outsource this overseas to save costs, but at Local Threads, we’re proud to have an in-house design team, staffed right here in Columbus, Ohio who will look over your design and even provide feedback if we feel that some color may not work well with our screens.

Are all inks the same?

Absolutely not. There is a huge difference in the different quality inks that screen printers use. While some screen printing shops cut corners by using cheaper ink, we always want to make a shirt that stands out in a crowd and makes you look good. At Local Threads, we know you’re proud of your design, which is why we only print with premium, high-end ink. Cheaper inks aren’t as opaque as the ink we use, and opaque ink makes your design pop while also holding up longer over time.   The quality of our ink sets us apart not only in Columbus, Ohio.

What about heat applied vinyl decals? I heard that was just as good as screen printing!

While vinyl is cheaper than screen printing, it is not nearly as durable. The main difference is that a vinyl design sits ON the t-shirt, but screen printing is actually set INTO the garment. Vinyl doesn’t allow for the same blending and depth of your design, but it also tends to detach from the garment after just a few washes. We want to make sure your design looks amazing the day it comes off the printer AND for many years to come. For that reason, we only offer screen printing with the highest quality ink.

I got a quote for $4 for a printed shirt. Is that a good price?

There are lots of screen printers online that will lure you in with a super low quote. Oftentimes, those quotes are for a subpar shirt, ink, process (or all three!), but there are always extra charges that they won’t tell you about until much later, effectively driving the cost up.

*Pro Tip: to avoid unexpected costs, be sure to ask about artwork fees, setup fees, or screen fees before committing to a printing company!